Monday, January 03, 2022

Chateau foyer plug-in lights

Time to revisit the mini-plugs and outlets that I have used in the past. The chandelier lights in some of my houses are not very bright and I need to supplement with lamps. And I have some lamps that I want to use, both in this house and in my French Country. 

These tiny plugs and outlets are indeed a challenge. I stocked up on some, purchased directly from Cir-Kit Concepts. I had a few left-overs but would need more. 

I can't tell you how lucky and happy I was when my first outlet in the Foyer went in without any problems! I also was successful with wiring the tiny plugs on the candlestick lamps. In retrospect I think the reason these lamps were easy is because the wires on it are thicker - they are standard Cir-Kit candlesticks I had on hand. The lamps that I've purchased -can't recall the brand - have these really thin wires. I was first using the old mini plugs that you feed the wire into the side and out through the back and push in a pin. 

I found that there was a newer version that has hollow tubes and you feed wire in and use super glue. This version plug works much better, and helped with my success. I'm very pleased!

Now, I also need these outlets in my French Country, and started to install them, only to be sorely disappointed. These new ones I got - 2 of them, mind you - 'broke', the fronts broke off as I was pounding them in. I had used my old one in this Foyer, and had no problem. I had one more old one (in yellow package on right below), and was successful using that. So I have tapped Cir-Kit to see if they have old stock.

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  1. The foyer looks beautiful with the lighting. Thanks for the advice on the new stock vs. the old stock of plugs.