Monday, April 06, 2015


My stock of baseboard ran low and I had to order more to complete the 3rd floor. Man, not even online shops have stock - I needed like 10 strips. I ordered them - these are nice Houseworks ones and they got backlogged.

They arrived mid-week so my plan was to get them done this past weekend - sometimes you have made a decision and all you want to do is get it done. To my dismay, 3 pieces were warped badly - on both the horizontal and vertical planes. The graining was much more course than stock I've had. So I was not terribly happy, but managed to eek out enough satisfactory lengths to stain and install.

It feels good to plan it and then actually do what you plan - allowing you a sense of accomplishment.

Changed finish of exterior windows

Funny how time changes your mind on your previous choices. I just kept rethinking the dark red burgundy exterior color on the windows. I bit the bullet and re-painted them white. Yes, from one extreme to another.

Of course I'd already glued them in, and fortunately that wasn't too much of a challenge, with the exception of the 2nd floor arch window. That bit the dust when I attempted to remove it. Repainting white over the dark of course took 2 coats, not to mention that the windows were pretty much painted shut the first time. I kept all the 1st floor ones, and ended up trashing the 4 2nd floor ones and getting new windows. Odd that not all of those 2nd floor windows had the removable wood, allowing you to paint without the acrylic.

I'm still not sure about if I will change the front door. I am thinking maybe a combo of white and burgundy.