Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Fun thinking about landscaping

I had forgotten how much fun landscaping was! Its been many years since I did any. My Newport was the first (and only) house with landscaping. I went all out, bought all sorts of materials, trees, shrubs, landscaping turf, gravel, flowers etc. I really did a remarkable job. 

I have all the remaining supplies stashed away in a couple of bins, and just started going through them...its like its Christmas morning and I'm a kid!

I've attached a picture of my finished Newport, and then some of my Thornhill with some of those trees just to get the sense of what it could look like.

I'm thinking it needs a vine, and perhaps a stone edging like I did with the Newport. I threw the lyons in there....could mebbe use them!

The pots are hand made by an artist - Julie, I think? I got them from my local shop and have larger ones for the French Country Manor. 

I just realized I never added the keystones to the Thornhill windows...hmmm. 

Here's some brick wall I found...not sure I will use it here but wanted to capture it for later - for ideas on what I could do with it.

Monday, August 03, 2020

My Miniature Village Part 2

Its slowly coming together. I reversed the desk to the right side. Of course I had to remove furniture etc from my Thornhill before moving it. Then I enlisted my husband to help me move it. Its now in its new home! I can now set the steps and hope to do some simple landscaping. 

I tracked down a turntable I had and am thinking about using it for the Seaside Villa Bed & Breakfast, in the corner. I'm not sure how much room it will need to spin. I may bring down another desk that matches the existing 2, and put the Seaside on that instead. 

Here are some pictures of the Seaside Villa Bed & Breakfast.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

My Miniature Village

It's finally happening! I'm planning out my village in my basement where 3 of my houses live. Okay yes I'm a packrat, and hubby is too. We've been in this house for 20 years and several floor layouts as our needs have changed. We have downsized on furniture and moved some of it up to first floor. This has opened up the space in the basement. My workspace for my dollhouses is to the far right of this space, the other side of the room.

We have this modular desk set that fits into a corner and then has side pieces. Its long been vacant, collecting stuff and dust, as we have moved away from computer towers to laptops and offices now in our extra bedrooms. I removed some modular shelves the desk had for monitors etc and it will now be housing my dollhouses!

I got a board cut at HD today and bought wool/felt from Joann's and have placed the board on the space. My plan is to put my Thornhill on it. Not sure if it will go on the angle or on the side. I can add a second desk end on the right  - we have one more. Since the Thornhill opens on the sides and very front, I don't need access to the back, don't need a turntable. I want to do some landscaping, but on the sides it will have to be short shrubs, so I can still open the sides. There will finally be room for the steps!

The Seaside Villa Bed & Breakfast has its own turntable table, so I don't think I will move it off that.
The third house is my French Country - I haven't made any real decisions but I may keep it on the TV cart.

A work in progress, as they say. The file cabinet will be moving and boxes/tables will be gone of course.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

French Country Kitchen

Finally am moving to complete the kitchen! I have not had a true plan for the cabinets, and have several from M&R Miniatures that are waiting for me to finish and place. 

Time to finish the ceiling beams (to match the ones I have in the other wing - the library) and crown molding there. These are now done and I'm working on furniture and cabinet placement. I also need to decide on lighting and purchase/install them. 

Here's some photos from most recent to several days ago as I pondered placement.

Here's my inspiration, from a customized French Country Manor. Of course mine will not have that fancy crown and ceiling roses as I have beams. 

French Country Embellishments

Sometimes a break from this hobby, or in particular, this house, spurs new ideas and breaks me out of the 'can't make a decision' mode. For a year or more I have procrastinated/agonized over certain things that really shouldn't have been that big a deal.

Things like staining/painting the 2nd floor stairs, and ordering more ribbon for the same stair runner, and stair rods...at least the supplier for the ribbon still had some. As for stair rods from Mini Mundus, no go. I ended up with Clare Bell ones, which I found out were easy peasy to install and I prefer the more antiqued finish. (Now I have to decide whether to buy more for the 1st floor stairs and redo those).

Then procrastinating about how to apply crown molding to 3rd floor angled ceilings. This has perplexed me and I've gone several ways to purchase various products. The angle of the ceiling to the wall in the two end rooms is the challenge. Stiff crown molding will show a gap. I debated about several flat moldings, and this week ended up putting on a faux embossed flat molding.  

This turned out to be so easy that I kicked myself for agonizing over this for so long. I'm pleased with the results! It adds just enough elegance and finishes the ceiling edges nicely.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Finished stairs and mullions

The mullions are all painted and installed, both sides of windows and doors. It too some trial and error to get to the best process to downsize each (paint caused them to swell a bit). Sanding each edge 8 back and forth strokes was the sweet spot. I was nipping off a tiny bit with exact knife but that wasn't consistent. 

The 2nd floor stairs are also completed, stain and paint, fretwork and carpet runner. I'm awaiting the stair rods this week for the final step. Lots of painstaking taping so I could paint the risers but it was worth it in the end. My hand isn't steady enough to do by hand. 

Happy to finally wrap this up. I do need to glue together the stairway bannisters to their cornerposts and place them into position. 


Sunday, July 05, 2020


The 2nd floor stairs and railings have needed staining for years. They now have the base stain on them. These stairs will need the risers painted white so it matches the other staircase. You can see I started with the top stair riser.

The stair embellishments I bought, which were brass photo corners, have been painted and applied. I am pretty happy with them. I plan to add them to the 2nd floor stairs when they are finished. I may have to buy another strip of ribbon for a runner to finish this set of stairs.