Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Chateau Conservatory

What is it with my obsession with flooring?? I decided to purchase the terra cotta embossed paper that is the same brand as the kitchen paper tile. I had briefly considered this terra cotta for the kitchen, something about terra cotta clay for kitchens is stuck in my brain. But I did that in the French Country and think the kitchen will be better in the tile, and the new cabinets.

So I am now contemplating using it for the conservatory. It seems to flow nicely with the wicker and the probable wallpaper. I am not keen on the 2nd tile floor I made for it - I posted a picture below so its easy to consider each. Funny, I was stoked about getting enough marble tile to do this large floor. There's a couple of things that just hit me wrong - I had grouted them but not every tile is adhered flatly to the floor, so its kind of bumpy but because its shiny, its more obvious. 

Monday, January 17, 2022

Chateau kitchen cabinets arrive!

I'm stoked about the JBM kitchen cabinets I ordered! This is the first set of finished high end kitchen cabinets I've purchased. I love the detail - they really make the room come alive. 

Not sure about the arrangement/layout, though I will have the corner L and the uppers will project out into the room, hiding the window in the back a bit (like I did in the French Country)

I've been playing around with wallpaper, and just like in the French Country, it's been very hard. I was still on the fence about flooring, tossing between a terra cotta and tile. I think I'm settled on the tile now so it will be easier to lock in on wallpaper.  

I don't want the paper to be the focus, but rather the cabinets and the effect.  Here are some of those photos. 

I also located a textured RL wallpaper and ordered a sample. Did you know you can't go to a store and look at wallpaper books anymore? All online and that's hard to really tell what the effect will be. This RL paper is beige but has some sort of 'glitter' effect, or maybe I'm just imagining it. Oh and its wide enough that I don't have to seam it.

Chateau updates

 Since January 3rd, I've done some minor work on the Chateau. 

I decided to gild the doorcases I got from Sue Cook. They look very nice - helps when you have a tiny brush! 

The front door had a plain brass door knocker and that couldn't stand. I got the lion one I had been pining for and then located a door knob set at a hobby shop. They do bring a bit more class to the door.

I touched up the roof of the bay windows, copper antiqued. As I look at the last picture, I may go back over it with a bit more copper - its a bit dark. I started with a brownish base, went over it with some antique metallic copper, and then did a black wash over that. 

I've been thinking about my kitchen vaulted ceiling and was playing around with some things. Still not settled on what I will do.

Monday, January 03, 2022

Chateau foyer plug-in lights

Time to revisit the mini-plugs and outlets that I have used in the past. The chandelier lights in some of my houses are not very bright and I need to supplement with lamps. And I have some lamps that I want to use, both in this house and in my French Country. 

These tiny plugs and outlets are indeed a challenge. I stocked up on some, purchased directly from Cir-Kit Concepts. I had a few left-overs but would need more. 

I can't tell you how lucky and happy I was when my first outlet in the Foyer went in without any problems! I also was successful with wiring the tiny plugs on the candlestick lamps. In retrospect I think the reason these lamps were easy is because the wires on it are thicker - they are standard Cir-Kit candlesticks I had on hand. The lamps that I've purchased -can't recall the brand - have these really thin wires. I was first using the old mini plugs that you feed the wire into the side and out through the back and push in a pin. 

I found that there was a newer version that has hollow tubes and you feed wire in and use super glue. This version plug works much better, and helped with my success. I'm very pleased!

Now, I also need these outlets in my French Country, and started to install them, only to be sorely disappointed. These new ones I got - 2 of them, mind you - 'broke', the fronts broke off as I was pounding them in. I had used my old one in this Foyer, and had no problem. I had one more old one (in yellow package on right below), and was successful using that. So I have tapped Cir-Kit to see if they have old stock.

Chateau 2nd floor wallpaper

 I bit the bullet and wallpapered the 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. And put sconces in the hall!

Master bedroom

I've been wanting to use this weird brown/purple pattern paper from Itsy Bitsy Mini for a couple of years. You know how you just get attached to a paper and can't let it go?? 

It's proving hard to photograph to capture the color I see in real life. 

Guest Bedroom

This blue Brodnax paper is also one I love, and have kept for a few years. Its lovely, though I'm still trying to decide if I keep it. The house so far has no blues - so I'm still sitting with it. 


Before papering the guest bedroom, I decided to add sconces in the hall - a spur-of-the-moment decision. I had these Clare Bell sconces that I chose not to use in LR, and am very pleased with the results. The ceiling pendant I think I'm going to use here is on order - a Ray Storey pendant. 

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Chateau Kitchen floor

 I've been considering making quarry tiles but I'm not sure if that is really ever going to happen. I happened upon some tile that is a card, embossed, from Streets Ahead. I figured I'd give it a shot and see if it works. I'm pleasantly surprised. Who knows, maybe it will stay.

Chateau Foyer Looking Grand

The wallpaper on the left side had a repair, I replaced the last piece on the left. That was the last thing needed to then install the crown molding. And, then the J Getzan chandelier!