Sunday, September 08, 2019

More playing with chalk paint

I am obsessed with chalk paint! I've been staring at the work I did some months ago. I've been researching techniques and looking at others work.

None of these are done but I wanted to get it posted so I can remember what I did, and be able to consider how to finish them.

The bed and dresser which were Maui Sand, got 2 layers of Cascade. They were still kinda dark, so I added Sheepskin to it in a mix, and gave them a coat of that.

As I was doing it, I noticed it would also be a good candidate for a color wash so I paused to get a picture of that.

Now I'm wondering if I go with a slightly darker glaze...more to come. 

The sleigh bed got a coat of Castle, a sort of taupe color. Not sure yet what is next for it.

I pulled out more inexpensive stuff I have in boxes, and did 2 coats of Sheepskin. The nightstand looks really good so far!

This is an unfinished Bespaq table I have had for a few years, just waiting for the right inspiration.

And an old Sonia Messer table I've never placed in any house.

Finally, this bed is a kit I had put together, not sure yet what the plan is for it, but it can certainly benefit from a coat of chalk paint. I have been imagining this with upholstered insets. This will go into my Chateau house, which is still a shell.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Updates to older posts

As I look back on this blog, and my Google Photos, I realize I have neglected some photos that show more of the 'how'. I've also been reading other blogs and this sort of thing is very useful to me. I have gone back and added a few here and there.

Needlepoint rug I acquired

I bought this from Bluette Meloney's estate collection some months ago and not being knowledgeable on how to block and finish it. It is beautifully done and I don't want to ruin it with my lack of experience.

Stair Runner and rods

Back in January 2018 I did a stair runner and rod for the staircase going to the 2nd floor. The stair runner is a ribbon I bought from an Etsy shop, and nabbed Mini Mundus stair rods from eBay for a great discount.

Once the runner was attached to the stairs, I began planning and working on the stair rods.

I snipped off the tips of the pins for the rods, and glued them on, after struggling with attempts to drill tiny holes and pound in the nails from the holders that came with the stair rods.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Purchases from miniatures shows in the spring

I'm finally getting around to photographing them and posting about these...where does the time go??

Valerie Casson had a display at The Miniature Show and I was ogling her fabulous pottery work! Bought a polka dot teapot! She has done some furniture as well, I purchased this black color washed toile chair, and this pretty pink tuffet!

Debbie Heard had some really nice things, and I don't know the artisans who made them. I got 2 exquisite flowers, an oh so sweet teddy bear, a Raggedy Ann, and a ginger jar.

Cea's Garden  had a booth at The Miniature Show and had some really incredibly detailed plants and the person manning her booth had to point out some of the detail. I was sold when she pointed out the snail on the hostas in the fountain! I also got the topiaries from her. 

Sunday, September 01, 2019

French Country Bath Knee Wall

The knee wall I planned earlier this year got built and installed today. I attached the stained wainscoting, cut, stained and installed chair rail as well. I knew I didn't want the knee wall to go over the floor, so that came out, and got recut to fit the smaller space. I also attached the flooring to cardstock so it would lay flat and be removable so I have access to the tapewire on the floor under it.

I still have to paint the window frame and attach it. I'm experimenting with some colors, it will be more like the wainscoting though. Just placed furniture back in and its looking good. Nothing permanent yet, I had wanted to have a ring and shower curtain for the tub but that may take some work to add to the current shower stand.

Update on the window frame: FolkArt Home Decor Chalk paint - Java 34165, 1st coat on!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Furniture Painting

Back in the spring, I played with painting some furniture - using chalk paint. I have been wanting to do this for over a year and just hadn't gotten to it. With the majority of my French Country done, I was contemplating this. I bought several colors of Chalk paint from Joann's and pulled out some of the inexpensive furniture I have had for years.

Still in the works, I was experimenting with base colors and sanding, and top colors...I have also purchased some small wood and metal embellishments and have some ideas on adding them and then painting over them. I haven't done that yet....