Saturday, January 09, 2021

French Country Kitchen is illuminated!

 Couldn't wait to connect the chandeliers in the kitchen!

French Country kitchen cabinets finally done

 After viewing the newly yellow tinted milk paint on the cabinets, in the daylight today, I was satisfied. Well almost. I decided that a very light antiquing color wash was in order. I used the Folk Art Chalk Paint antiquing wax, watered down. 

This allowed me to control the amount of wash I wanted to add. Painting it on and then wiping off with a cloth. Voila! I even did the oven door and the refrigerator....all is good now!

Here's the final effect, and I love it! I'm now moving on to installing the chandeliers, drilling holes, gluing on ceiling rose, gluing on chandeliers. Having the wing detached has made this process much easier than doing all with it secured, and my head deep inside the room upside down!

Friday, January 08, 2021

French Country Kitchen cabinets coming together

The good news is that I'm very happy with my Milk Paint Linen choice for the kitchen cabinets. I love the finish on them, way nicer than the chalk paint finish.

I had 2 coats on them, and was considering if I want to do any sort of wash or slight yellow tint to them. I ended up mixing in a tiny bit of yellow into a cup of the Linen and have now painted one coat on them. 

I also decided that the refrigerator and oven door need it, the white is just too stark. 

The range hood has been on my mind also, what to paint it. I got some copper paint and it now has 3 coats. All of this has really warmed up the kitchen.

I captured a shot with the cabinets 'hanging' to see what having one extending over the L counter would look like. I rather like it! 

These photos are really all without that 3rd coat that has a slight yellow tint, so more tomorrow when they are dry and its daylight.

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Window boxes

 The Thornhill needs window boxes on the upper windows  (see photo below also) and I found 2 packages of unfinished ones in my stash recently. I could do white ones, but thought having terra cotta ones would look nice. I also stumbled upon another texture paint at the store the other day. 

I painted using this Suede texture paint, and located some terra cotta paint (turns out its "Lawbre Brown", one of the colors I used in my color wash of the exterior of my French Country house). The idea was to play with the suede texture paint...and then color over it with the terra cotta.

Here's the preliminary results:

French Country upper level doorcases

 The grandeur that the doorcases added to the first floor have been rattling around in my brain for a year or so and I have now done a shorter version of them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Sue Cook's work is so wonderful and I'm very pleased with the results.

French Country kitchen cabinets painting part deux

 So....I'm not happy with the finish on the chalk painted test cabinets. I went back to my work using milk paint and think that finish will much better suit the scale and delicacy of these M&R cabinets. 

I had done some spray painting this fall on a cheap dresser, and decided to apply some milk paint I had from some years ago. I was amazed at how the finish looked just after one coat...had a smooth feel. I am using a different color than I will for cabinets but here's the effect.

Here's a secretary I did years ago with milk paint, and the color is linen. It is very close to my pot board and I did my first coat of it on my test cabinets today. (the double cabinet was stained first and does have a rougher finish than the drawer cabinet - lesson learned - I won't stain my M&R cabinets first, just go right to paint.)

This shows the comparison between the more yellow chalk paint on the island with the more off white linen color of the milk paint.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

French Country kitchen cabinets

 I am back to working on what to do with the finish and placement of the kitchen cabinets. I've played around with base stains, and if I do that, it will be General Finishes Warm Cherry. I have vacillated between a base stain and then paint over with a creamy paint, like the Welsh Pot Board. 

To get a sense of what that might look like in practice, I've stained some Houseworks cabinets and am now painting them on the exterior. I also painted 2 cabinets simply from unfinished wood. The challenge I have is that the cabinets I have are M&R and are delicate and intricate and without taking the doors off, I'm trying to figure out how to finish them. I have stained these before, for my B&B and that worked out very well. I've also painted them for my Thornhill and this is where I ran into challenges. 

So I'm thinking that maybe I stain the insides, and paint the exteriors, kind of the best of both worlds. Staining the interiors will  be easy, easier than painting them, with the shelves and cut doors. At that rate, I will probably just stain exterior also to start. 

Here's one stained and with first coat of chalk paint Folk Art Bavarian:

Here's the painted only ones in Folk Art Bavarian Chalk (they also have antique wax on them):

Here's what they look like next to the Pot Board:

Here's a shot with them before I applied Antiquing Wax:

The placement of cabinets is also up for debate. I took several shots and I wont post them. It also made me struggle with the huge refrigerator, and if that should be painted to match. I think I've settled on this for now (obviously the uppers will be higher on the wall):

I'm also considering possibly attaching the double cabinet with glass doors to the corner cabinet and having it look like its suspended, can't show that so I've just placed it on top of the cabinet for now.