Saturday, January 26, 2013

Front of Thornhill finishing touches

I got the foundation painted. I used a couple different things, and ended up using Duncan Granite Stone - color Sand. I really like the finished effect. Here's the front.

Here's a more closeup view of the finish, along with the steps that I have to decide how to finish.

And here's my next dilemma - how to deal with the gable peak. It turns out that I finished the exterior of the gable peak - notice top photo. But the instructions call to add another triangle, and dentil trim. This then forces the top gable peak to protrude farther than the rest of the front. I'm not entirely sure I want to do this.

Here's a picture of the Duncan product I used on the foundation:

Staining Furniture

I've been staining furniture and its been a learning experience. For some reason I've wanted to use gel stains and haven't been successful. So I switched back to regular stain and am getting the deeper richer color and finish.

I'm using Minwax Red Mahogany for the man's study bookcases, a pedestal, and the kitchen island. There's also a night stand that isn't stained enough to share.

Bookcases - Bespaq. They are coming along. I think this is the last coat but I will wait to see how they look when they are dry.

Here's the Kitchen Island. I have had this nice marble top for years and really wanted to use it. I added corbels from Lawbre, and stained it. Its looking really nice, even if it is hard to photograph.  Since adding the corbels and top, this piece is top heavy. I found some weights they use for pine derby cars and those are going to sit in the bottom shelf which will be sealed to hide them. 


This is a pedestal table, also Bespaq. It's also hard to does look better than the photo.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Windows, Windows and more Windows

I'm closing in on more of the upper windows now. I have 4 done on the left wing - the sitting room and the man's library.

I ended up using a stain marker for the interior stain - a nice cherry. This is a Marvey Uchida Wood Stain Marker I got at Michaels. It ended up working very nicely for the windows. It has a nicer warm cherry color than the Minwax Cherry Stain Marker.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Exterior windows

I've been working on the Thornhill windows - starting with the first floor since most of that floor's rooms are done and I knew what the interior colors would be also.

Thank goodness I kept notes on how I did the color washes in the living room, so I could go back and replicate it. Turns out I had done the interior trims on some a few years ago when I did the living room walls too....I guess I had the foresight to think ahead.

The exterior trim was supposed to be grey, like a photo from a book I have. Either I just wasn't getting the right grey or it really was a bad idea. I asked DH what he thought on the grey, and he didn't really like it  - said it didn't pop for him. So back to the drawing board...and I found burnt sienna. That seemed to complement the earthtones, and made the 'pop' and contrast. So that's where I went.

I also got the front roof shingled - looking good! Then here's the interior color wash I reproduced  - not bad after a couple of years. I think for the 2nd story, I'm going to stain the interior windows cherry, rather than paint. Turns out that the 2nd floor windows don't have removable panes - can't believe that...but as a result, painting even the exterior of those window frames is a huge challenge.

For the back, I cut 2 openings - a window upstairs and a french door downstairs. So am working on those too. I think the french door turned out nicely. 

Here again is the color wash on the interior of the french door. 

Thornhill Exterior

I've been working on my Thornhill since June of 2007. It's a big project but I've always loved this house - its size, its layout and the possibilities. I decided it was going to be country french in style. I've been inspired by this theme through the works of Whitledge-Burgess and others, and have drooled over the Lawbre French Country Chateau for years. Alas, I don't think I could ever afford one of those, and used a large discount at to buy this RGT Thornhill.

Since I haven't blogged about it since I started working on it, you will have lots of catching up to do. If you want to see my photos, go to my flickr page - and you can see progress from the beginning.

Here's the exterior color wash that I'm very pleased with. Took a few tries and over-painting with base coat wash to make it more muted and achieve the final look.

Also see the patina I did and how it really looks nice against the color wash.

Turns out that all my sanding of the stucco prior to painting created a layer of dust on things. Makes me feel right at home.

Plan on staining the base a darker color so it will contrast nicely with the marble top.

I'm also working on an island counter for the kitchen. Here's the pieces that will make it up.