Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall 2015 Bishop Show Finds

The fall Bishop show is much smaller, and honestly I liked its location and the layout much better than the April show. But its not international, so you don't get the wider variety and international talent.

First stop JB Miniatures display with Greg (Gonzo) - I introduced myself and we chatted some. Apparently what he had was only about a third of the line there on display. I was thrilled with my purchases - a tufted red leather chair, a tapestry chair, and while not JBM, palm trees by Bill Lankford.

I next found Sophia Twaddle of Small Treasures Miniatures. She had so many well done things from artisans around the was hard to pick just a few!

A new artist I've not seen before was at the show - BB Miniatures. Her hand painted miniatures truly are beautiful and pop in any room! The needlepoint is a work from a friend of hers, and I couldn't pass it up!.

Another artisan I haven't seen before is Tara Thame of Eva Rose Miniatures. She does 1/12 scale miniature lighting pieces, as well as other accessories. What caught my eye are some pieces of artwork she crafted based on her father's real life paintings. I had to get a few of those. She offers the picture, and a couple of uncut mats to go with it. I did some frame shopping too...not all done yet of course.

The Little Dollhouse Company didn't disappoint. Their display was much more spread out than usual, allowing you to really look at their wares.

Spencer's Nook called to me as well - for my indoor Sunroom/Conservatory (which is where I will put the palm trees I purchased into pots and locate there also).

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Estate Sale With Mini Finds

I attended an estate sale nearby where the woman who owned the house was a miniaturist after retirement. She did needlework and had a business with another woman - Suzanne and Stephanie was the name of that business. Her name was Suzanne Horgen,

An example of her work that I bought.

In addition, she did build furniture - this box - a very solid and well built piece, nicely finished.

I found 2 pieces of furniture by a Lee G, an artist I don't yet know about. This furniture is very well built - detailed and the finish is remarkable.

Some smaller items include fruit, bird plates and baskets.