Friday, March 18, 2016

Old and New Projects

I'm winding down on the Thornhill  - it needs to find its new location in my home. Once set up in the new location, I can begin filling it with all the wonderful furniture and accessories I've acquired over the last several years!

On 2 older dollhouses I have to build dust covers for them - between dust and the cats, they have seen moments of battle. On my Bed & Breakfast (Seaside Villa model) I found out today I can use roof ridge molding I have in stock. It will be glued to the underside of finishing strips on the house at the base. The plexiglass will slide under the eaves, and the roof should keep it from falling.

It will also nicely adhere to the underside of the middle support roof sections and if need be, I can paint a side strip black and attach to the roof vertically beyond the opening of the roof.

Bed & Breakfast: