Sunday, September 08, 2019

More playing with chalk paint

I am obsessed with chalk paint! I've been staring at the work I did some months ago. I've been researching techniques and looking at others work.

None of these are done but I wanted to get it posted so I can remember what I did, and be able to consider how to finish them.

The bed and dresser which were Maui Sand, got 2 layers of Cascade. They were still kinda dark, so I added Sheepskin to it in a mix, and gave them a coat of that.

As I was doing it, I noticed it would also be a good candidate for a color wash so I paused to get a picture of that.

Now I'm wondering if I go with a slightly darker glaze...more to come. 

The sleigh bed got a coat of Castle, a sort of taupe color. Not sure yet what is next for it.

I pulled out more inexpensive stuff I have in boxes, and did 2 coats of Sheepskin. The nightstand looks really good so far!

This is an unfinished Bespaq table I have had for a few years, just waiting for the right inspiration.

And an old Sonia Messer table I've never placed in any house.

Finally, this bed is a kit I had put together, not sure yet what the plan is for it, but it can certainly benefit from a coat of chalk paint. I have been imagining this with upholstered insets. This will go into my Chateau house, which is still a shell.


Carrie said...

I love that you are posting about chalk paints. I have been wanting to play around with them as well. The bed set came out lovely.

Heidi said...

Carrie...thank you. I am glad I am posting as I go along, otherwise I will forget!

More to come!