Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Chateau fireplaces

 I bought these Lawbre fireplaces years ago in anticipation of using them in the Chateau. They are not identical but I'm alright with that. They fit perfectly and have the chimney breast all there as one unit. So I've been thinking about applying gold accent to the designs, much like Jim Coates work. I know I will never be that steady but if I could apply just a bit of gold, it would be perfect.

I grabbed a photo of one of his so I could have an example. I then bought about 6 colors of acrylic gold and got started. I am pleased with the results - just enough accent. OK so I only opened and used a tiny portion of 1 bottle of paint...but hey, I may go back to other things and do this!

Jim Coates work:

I was also playing with sconces. I don't really like the ones I have for this, I think I will just get simple ones just the candlestick ones. 

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