Sunday, May 29, 2016

French Country Dormer and Trim Work

The top dormer windows posed a challenge with regard to the color. I started by using the cream base, and used a white to outline the edge and the round circle. Not the effect I wanted. Then I did light grey base and highlights of cream. This was nice but didn't pack a punch.

I  then went to stippling and this gave me the stone effect I was imagining.

I then outlined in the cream - and though I liked still needed something.

I finally settled on a lighter grey stippling for the highlighting of the edges and the circle. This is what I settled on.

You can see I've also glued on the stone patio and courtyard wall and painted them with stippling also. I'm very happy with the effect.

Moved on to the quoins - I could have stayed with the lighter grey but ended up with a slightly darker grey stippling to blend in more with the trims along the eaves. Its all now installed.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chateau is The Latest

I have just acquired a Lawbre Chateau - smaller sister to the French Country Manor.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

French Country Exterior Work

The exterior stippling has been done - 2 or 3 coats of colors. I feel like its now where I want it to be, so I've moved on to the shingling.

I filled in the remaining areas of shingles and now have 2 coats of color wash on the shingles. I'm also happy with this. I may add some light stippling of streaks, simulating worn areas on the shingles.

Friday, April 15, 2016

French Country Manor

I am the proud owner of a Lawbre French Country Manor! Its a house I've always wanted, and had resigned myself to never owning one. The purchase price from Lawbre is out of this world and so when a partially completed one showed up on eBay, I grabbed it!

The exterior was partially painted with multiple colors, but not the way I would have finished it. The colors were the colors Lawbre recommended - based on their demo. But it needed a lot of work to get the blotches of paint to blend in.

I got my stipple brushes out and began to see if I could salvage it or if I would have to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. I was able to work on blending the colors, and just added a 2nd color with the stippling technique. I think its where I want it to be now.

Original finish (no flash)

Original (with flash):

Stippled with 2 colors (using flash):

No flash:

Here's the back of the house - huge, isn't it?

2016 Chicago Miniature Shows

Here are some of the goodies I got:

3 pieces from M & R Miniatures - his work is beautiful. This set is part of a collection he built for someone he was going to be the distributor for. The person got sick and the deal fell through, so he's selling his samples.

Lighting Bug - chandelier for French Country Manor:

Bespaq chair - love the fabric:

 Flowers by Kathy (I think). I've purchased her things before. Really hard to get a good picture of the world map with the glare.

Custom painted Bombe Chest:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Old and New Projects

I'm winding down on the Thornhill  - it needs to find its new location in my home. Once set up in the new location, I can begin filling it with all the wonderful furniture and accessories I've acquired over the last several years!

On 2 older dollhouses I have to build dust covers for them - between dust and the cats, they have seen moments of battle. On my Bed & Breakfast (Seaside Villa model) I found out today I can use roof ridge molding I have in stock. It will be glued to the underside of finishing strips on the house at the base. The plexiglass will slide under the eaves, and the roof should keep it from falling.

It will also nicely adhere to the underside of the middle support roof sections and if need be, I can paint a side strip black and attach to the roof vertically beyond the opening of the roof.

Bed & Breakfast: